How to keep motivated

I’d lost the mojo!

The Hague was no longer a lustrous mistress offering glimpses of a fascinating photographic world. I felt I had photographed the guts out of the place and there was nothing left.

I wanted to get out… Continue reading

Death by plastic

If you have been watching nature programs in the media over the last few weeks, you’ll see a lot of focus on plastic pollution in the oceans and water bodies. I watched turtles tangled in nets, albatross feeding their chicks… Continue reading

Summer in the city (street photography)

This summer, I spent a day in the bustling tourist hotspot of Amsterdam. Wandering the canal lined streets and taking in the hundreds of years of history was a fantastic way to spend a day.

I had no plan for… Continue reading

Stock photography: my dirty little secret

For a little over a year now I’ve been contributing photos to several micro stock photo agencies. It started out as a trial, but has developed into a bit of an addiction.

The idea of creating a passive income is… Continue reading

white wallabies of Bruny

Wallabies are a kangaroo in miniature. On the southern edge of Tasmania sits Bruny Island, roughly 50 km long and pretty much untouched by man. It’s home to a rare albino Bennetts wallaby, which is a more densely furred subspecies… Continue reading


Well, Autumn is here and I thought there was no better time to test a wide angle lens I had got my mitts on.
A nearby park and a little co-photographer joining me and I was all set. The park… Continue reading

Spotting urban wildlife

I used to be so envious of photographers who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time when it came to capturing rare sights of wildlife.

Over the last few years, i’ve tried to emulate their… Continue reading


It’s been a busy year so far photo wise, but the downside of that is that I haven’t been very attentive with my posts. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be changing that and providing more updates about my… Continue reading


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