Well, Autumn is here and I thought there was no better time to test a wide angle lens I had got my mitts on.
A nearby park and a little co-photographer joining me and I was all set. The park was alive with colour and for once, the sky wasn’t grey. Perfect.
I’m going on a big trip in a few months and I will need a wide angle lens for it. A Sigma 12-24mm was available, so I thought I would test it for sharpness and a few other things.
Below are a few test shots and my conclusion on how the lens did.

trees lining a canal
A day with no wind, vibrant colour, leaves on a glassy surface and great reflection. An average urban park transformed into a wonderland.
The strength of a wide angle lens is that you can get up close and pack plenty into the scene. With this shot I was right against the tree and could fill the scene with sky and other trees. The stark branches gave me a good indication on how the glass handled chromatic aberration, not well as it turned out. But this was easily corrected in Lightroom afterwards.
My little helper getting up close to a couple of swans.
After the shoot, I was pretty happy with the Sigma. But I won’t be buying one. It lacks image stabilization, and in dark old Autumn Europe there is not much light. So slow shutter speeds are the norm, unless you want tonnes of noise from a fast shutter speed to keep things sharp.
The lens was sharp in the middle and less so in the corners but not terribly so.
Big and heavy too.
The colours and contrast it captured were fine. And overall I was happy with the pics. But I have my eye on another lens which is even cheaper than this one, has image stabilization and is alot lighter. Stay tuned for another review of the Canon 10-18mm sometime in the future!

A great day out with great scenery and great company!


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