I was asked to shoot a christening a few weeks ago and it turned out to be a fantastic day. One to remember.

The day started very early when I arrived at their door at 7 in the morning. The reason for the early arrival was so I could shoot the preparations.

The christening started at 09:00 at a Coptic church in Amsterdam. The ceremonies of the church were on full display during the christening and it was like entering another world for a day.

Despite the rituals, which took a lot of focus and concentration from the priests, everyone was relaxed and unconcerned about me snapping all of the action. This was especially so during the actual christening ceremony, which took place in a small side chamber that was crammed full with family and friends. half of which were trying to get snaps of their own.

The priests must know it’s tough to take good photos under these conditions, so they were more than accommodating and helpful.

After the main event, a reception was held in a community centre nearby. Here, I photographed family and friends and the festivities to celebrate the christening.

I’ve included a few images of the event. For privacy reasons I didn’t include some of the more personal ones, but I hope these give a good impression of some of the day’s highlights.



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