Fools with dogs and kingfishers: Meer en Bos project

Well I guess it had to happen sometime. During my months in Meer en Bos i’ve noticed alot of dogs running loose off their leashes. Usually it’s not a problem but when a group of high spirited Australian kids and their protective fathers are in the vicinity, well, it’s not a good mix.

My family were over visiting for a few weeks, so I thought it a good idea to show them the autumn colours in the nearby woods. All was going great until kids started screaming and an ugly great snarling rottweiler appeared out of nowhere growling and barking at the kids. My brother stepped in and the dog luckily took its attention off the kids but unfortunately turned it on him. I thought he was going to get bitten so of course I decided to have a go. Well the rest you can guess.

Two points of importance here, one – the dog was running loose. And two, the owners did absolutely nothing to stop the dog from charging at and terrifying small children.

When I gently inquired why the owner had done nothing while the dog was snarling and bearing its teeth, she said, ‘oh he won’t do anything.’

A nice walk spoiled by foolish and selfish dog owners.

On a happier note, I’ve learned a secret of the woods and it’s pretty exciting. It turns out that a kingfisher has taken up residence in the area. I’m not going to say where, because I want to get the shot first in the bag without any competition :-).

But for a Dutch residential park it’s pretty special indeed. The person who told me, said now that the bird is here, it should stay around all winter. Two things with that. Great that I can get a chance to see it, but i’m a little nervous though, because if the winter turns out to be another harsh one, the lakes in the area might ice over, and then the bird might starve to death because it can’t fish.

So, fingers crossed for a mild winter to come!!

All the best and until next time.
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