Meer en Bos Project


The summer has come to an end at Meer en Bos and the signs of autumn are making their subtle presence known. Some of the trees are already starting to go gold and brown. These are still in the minority though and an abundance of green still fills the forest.

Fungus are more plentiful than ever and i’m really looking forward to see what grows from the rich soil in the coming weeks.

I have to admit that doing the four seasons project of the forest has been a challenge. Some days all I seem to see are the usual ducks and people walking their dogs, a few letting them do their business and not cleaning up after. Yet on other days I’m surprised and inspired, like the time I heard the cry of a buzzard above the trees, and there it was. Too fast for my camera but magnificent none the less.

I’m looking forward to see what the change of season brings to the forest and simply can’t wait for the trees to change colour. Stay tuned and i’ll keep you posted.




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