Milonga DoradaMilonga Dorada

Another event shoot came up last weekend, this time in the form of Latin dance.

It was quite a night, with dance enthusiasts really enjoying themselves in front of a live band and two vocalists.

I shot the event with my Canon EOS 60D, my Sigma 17-50mm medium zoom and Tamron 55-200 tele zoom. The lighting was a challenge, with different colours randomly falling on the dancers and sometimes there just wasn’t not much of it available. To compensate, I used my Yongnuo 565 speed light flash and it worked well on ETTL.

When I could predict the action a little, I switched to manual flash. Then when I thought I had been blitzing the dancers too often, I cut the flash all together and found pockets of ambient light to work with.

I’ll be joining the dancers again in a few weeks and have to say I am looking forward to it. Below are a few of the shots I made of the last event.







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