It’s loved and not so loved. A city reborn from the ashes of Nazi destruction, Rotterdam.

The Dutch didn’t rebuild it like the Poles and Germans did with some of their monument cities.

A visit here reveals a fresh side to the port ‘stad’.

It shows remnants of the old and shining examples of the new. I hope you enjoy this photo essay of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam white house2

Witte Huis (White house) built in 1898 in the Art Nouveau style.


old Rotterdam harbor

A harbour that is the location for a shipyard museum that restores old barges.

Rotterdam Markhal

The new Markthal, a gleaming example of Dutch design and architecture. It houses a food market, cafes and eateries and is a place where you can lose an entire afternoon going from one stall to the next.

Rotterdam cubis complex2

The Cubis house complex.

Markhal Rotterdam

The ceiling of the Markthal.

cubis complex Rotterdam

Closeup of the Cubis complex

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