Southern Tasmania

There’s no place like home. For me it’s always great getting back to my roots, seeing family and friends, and photographing the raw beauty of Tassie. The following pics give a glimpse of what’s on offer in a few spots in Southern Tasmania near Hobart.

Around every corner this place has something to offer those who venture down south, way down south.

Hobart town at the base of Mount Wellington

The southern slopes of Hobart with Mt. Wellington in the background.

learning to sail on the Derwent River, Hobart Tasmania

Learning to sail on the Derwent river in bright summer sun.

watching the Huon river, Tasmania

My mate Tim watching the Huon river and looking for signs of fish on this pristine waterway.

old rowing boat infront of colonial cottages Huonville

An old clinker built rowing boat. The Huon and channel region south of Hobart has a long wooden boat history.

boats on the Huon river, Tasmania

The sheltered river is a haven for many yachts.

Warratah Lookout Hartz Mountains, Tasmania

On the way up to the Hartz mountains, Warratah Lookout shows off the views of southern Tasmania.

glacial lake Hartz Mountains, Tasmania

A glacial lake in the Hartz Mountain’s National Park. A rare Kingbilly pine tree is in the distance.

swimming in a lake

Cooling off in the chilly lake waters during a hot summer’s day.

fishing a mountain lake, Tasmania

Finally breaking out the fishing gear in the hope of hooking a beautiful rainbow trout.

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