Storks of The Hague

A gap in the weather allowed me to view a real natural delight of the city today.

Every winter, the storks of the city gather at a location near the Queen’s palace and await some hand delivered snacks from the local wildlife management team. Believe it or not, winter is not yet here but the birds are!

Many of these storks have had human assistance to live in the city and have not yet learned to migrate in the winter. To help them survive, a feeding station has been set up.

Whether this helps in the long run is not for me to judge, but since people almost wiped the birds out. I think it’s only fair that we should help them survive.

On the day I visited, twenty of the rare creatures were hanging around. Usually you are lucky to see one, and from far away. With so many of them packed together it was a great opportunity to have a good look at how they interact, albeit in a human influenced environment.

The few hours of dry weather also allowed me to capture some of the last autumn colours before the wind blows it all away.
ms at Marlot

more storks at Marlot

flying storks at Marlot

flying stork at Marlot

storks at Marlot

heron at Marlot

haagse bos

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