The Wolf ComethThe Wolf Cometh

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Published – wolf story

My story for the English language paper is now published and available to read on my writing page.

Unfortunately, they left my name out and the photo layout was not really to my taste. However, the story of the Dutch… Continue reading

Wildlife hotspot: Oostvaarders plassenWildlife hotspot: Oostvaarders-Plassen

I was in Flevoland a few days ago. About 40 minutes north east of Amsterdam, in a nature sanctuary called the Oostvaardersplassen.

The area is a bold recreation of what ecologists think the region was like a few thousand years… Continue reading





Meer en Bos projectMeer eb Bos project

Finally some predator action at Meer en Bos.
(see pics below)
I’ve been hanging out at my local nature reserve (but not in a creepy way) with my camera for a while now. But the closest i’ve got to a… Continue reading

Storks of The Hague

A gap in the weather allowed me to view a real natural delight of the city today.

Every winter, the storks of the city gather at a location near the Queen’s palace and await some hand delivered snacks from the… Continue reading

Fools with dogs and kingfishers: Meer en Bos project

Well I guess it had to happen sometime. During my months in Meer en Bos i’ve noticed alot of dogs running loose off their leashes. Usually it’s not a problem but when a group of high spirited Australian kids and… Continue reading


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