Meer en Bos Project


The summer has come to an end at Meer en Bos and the signs of autumn are making their subtle presence known. Some of the trees are already starting to go gold and brown. These are still in the minority… Continue reading

Day trip: Butterflies on the Vlietdagtocht: Vlinders aan de Vliet

Being holiday time, I thought a day trip was in order so we all packed off to the local butterfly enclosure for a great afternoon. Vlinders aan de Vliet is a converted hothouse which is home to dozens of tropical… Continue reading

A Day in Delftland

Today I spent a few hours in a small wetland sandwiched between The Hague and the satellite towns of Rotterdam. Of course my timing was all wrong and I picked the hottest part of the day to go. Although bad… Continue reading

Tulips of Goeree Overflakkee

A few days ago I ventured south to Goeree Overflakkee, an island south of Rotterdam.

The island has some great scenic landscapes, but what I was not expecting were the amount of flower fields I encountered.

The cloudy skies cleared… Continue reading

Bringing back the Nature to Holland

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Bringing back the Nature to Holland part 1

Bringing back the Nature to Holland part 2

Project Meer & Bos

Meer en Bos project I’ve started a photo project highlighting the little ‘natuur’ region near my home known as Meer en Bos. Over the next 12 months i’ll regularly visit the forest and photograph the life going on there. See… Continue reading


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