Meer en Bos projectMeer eb Bos project

Finally some predator action at Meer en Bos.
(see pics below)
I’ve been hanging out at my local nature reserve (but not in a creepy way) with my camera for a while now. But the closest i’ve got to a… Continue reading

Storks of The Hague

A gap in the weather allowed me to view a real natural delight of the city today.

Every winter, the storks of the city gather at a location near the Queen’s palace and await some hand delivered snacks from the… Continue reading

Landscapes in the mist

Last week I was taking photos in North Holland for a country lifestyle magazine when the mist descended.

I was surprised how vividly pink the sky became as the sun rose. There were also low flying geese coming over and… Continue reading

Day trip: Butterflies on the Vlietdagtocht: Vlinders aan de Vliet

Being holiday time, I thought a day trip was in order so we all packed off to the local butterfly enclosure for a great afternoon. Vlinders aan de Vliet is a converted hothouse which is home to dozens of tropical… Continue reading

A Day in Delftland

Today I spent a few hours in a small wetland sandwiched between The Hague and the satellite towns of Rotterdam. Of course my timing was all wrong and I picked the hottest part of the day to go. Although bad… Continue reading


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