Published – wolf story

My story for the English language paper is now published and available to read on my writing page.

Unfortunately, they left my name out and the photo layout was not really to my taste. However, the story of the Dutch wolf is pretty damn interesting. So I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!!




Post from last month:

It’s been a busy summer. So busy in fact, I haven’t found the time to post my latest activities.

One exciting project I’ve been involved in is the Dutch wolf. The ‘Wolf Cometh’ is an article I’ve written for a local English language newspaper (to be published in October). It’s about the fact that wolves are suspected to be now entering Dutch territory from Germany where they have established packs just 150 kilometers away from the Netherlands. I’ve gone back to my journalistic past and replaced the camera with the pen for this job.

The project for investigating just how many wolves are coming over the border is being coordinated by an organization called Wolven in Nederland. Dozens of camera traps have been placed along the border with the hope of obtaining absolute proof of the wolf’s re-appearance after over a hundred years.

The belief is that wolves will actively be crossing in the Autumn. This is when grown cubs leave the pack and seek new territory.

As soon as its published, i’ll be posting the story on my website.

Photo: Wolf image supplied by Wolven in Nederland



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