white wallabies of Bruny

Wallabies are a kangaroo in miniature. On the southern edge of Tasmania sits Bruny Island, roughly 50 km long and pretty much untouched by man. It’s home to a rare albino Bennetts wallaby, which is a more densely furred subspecies of the red-necked wallaby found on mainland Australia.

I’d heard of this rare animal but had never had a chance to see one in the wild. Recently, I had an opportunity to go to Tasmania so I booked into adventure bay camping grounds and was determined to spot and photograph this marsupial. With a little local advice, I was able to find them and spend a great session watching and photographing them.

The albino wallaby would normally be predated fairly quickly in the wild, This is because the white coloration stands out like a beacon against the darker undergrowth. But on Bruny there are no predators so they thrive and breed. The albinos number around 200 animals.
Albino wallaby 1

Albino wallaby 2

Here an albino can be compared to a normal colored wallaby. On Bruny, both types breed together. It’s not unusual to see an albino mother carrying a brown colored joey in its pouch.

White albino bennetts wallaby with brown grey wallaby

White albino bennetts wallaby with brown grey wallaby

I was also lucky enough to capture two bucks fighting each other. Unfortunately, I had my camera set for a slower shutter speed so wasn’t quite ready for the fast action, hence a bit of camera blur. As far as fights go, this one was pretty tame, more of a practice sparring match really. When these two stood on their hind legs they were pretty tall, considering they are wallabies.
Albino wallaby 4

Albino wallaby 5

A normal colored wallaby among a field of flowers.
Albino wallaby 6
A closeup of one of the not-shy animals. This little one posed very patiently for me to snap a portrait of it.

rare white albino wallaby

rare white albino wallaby

Overall, I was very happy with how things went, the wildlife couldn’t have cooperated more and I know I’ll be back to photo these rare and beautiful creatures again in the future.  

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